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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Snowy Christmas cards

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Hi all,
I can't help it but I have to say that I LOVE CHRISTMAS :)
And making Christmas cards also...

So today I'm gonna show you not one but three cards. All are snowy and sparkling...

The one with christmas wreath...

The one with alder cones...

I used from 14 Craft Bar shop:

and also Snow Pen, some chipboards, white glitter and white sugar berries.


Friday, 20 October 2017

How to make a foamiran flower using 14 craft bar stencils

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Hi, DT Henriette here today sharing a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to use the 14 craft bar flower/petal stencils. I made this flower using stencil #5.


Using a  pointed tool or a toothpick you trace the shape of the petals on the foamiran.

I traced the 3 larger petals 7 times and the smaller petals 5 times on pale peach foamiran.
The more petals you make the bigger the flower will be.


Cut out all the petals with scissors.


Color all the petals on both sides using soft pastels, inks or chalks and a baby wipe. I like to use chalk.


Hold the petals against a hot iron (medium heat) for a few seconds (watch your fingers!!).


Whilst still warm, roll and squeeze the petal between your fingers.


Unfold the petals carefully.
You'll see that the color has blended beautiful and that the petals look much more natural.


Make a little bud shape from silver foil. I like to glue a wire in the silver foil bud with my hot glue gun to have a better grip when building the flower.


You start with the smallest petals and glue them around the silver foil bud. Adding the petals one by one overlapping the previous petal a bit and so building the flower.

You do this with all the petals, looking for the best position to glue the next petal. I use just a tiny drop of hot glue.

When all the petals are glued down the rose looks like this.

You can also add some green leaves underneath the rose. I've repeated steps 1-7 using olive green foamiran and made some cuts before holding the leaves against the hot iron.

I used my rose on this card.

The 14 craft bar flower stencils are so very useful, you can use them time after time and create numerous flowers in all kinds of colors and shapes without a die or die cut machine.
You can find another tutorial with a different stencil on a blog post from Carole HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Hugs, Henriette

Supply list:

pearl stamens 3 mm

papers Provence

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Purple card

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Hi everyone!
My name is Bożena, known in the creative world as BBart.
Today  my first post on the blog 14 Craft Bar.
Invite you.
My work is a composition of foamiran roses made from stencil 01 and 06
 and elements from the sheet for cutting.
 Additional decorations include purple micro beads on flowers, sequins and craft gauze.

Thanks for visiting our blog.
See you next time!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Big Foamiran Rose

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hi :)
I've been asked to make big flower for very lovely project :)
 I'll share more info soon about the project but here it is my flower:
 I've used foamiran from 14 Craft Bar - light pink for petals and white for leaves.
 Flower head is 6inch big :)

Are you in love with foamiran flowers?
 Be inspired and share your project with us on the foamiran fb group:
Thank you :)


Tuesday, 17 October 2017


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Hi, DT Henriëtte here. This is my first post as a design team member for 14 craft bar and I'm very excited.
I live in The Netherlands and our national flower is the tulip, so I've decided that the tulip would be the perfect flower for my first blog post here.

I've used an old die I had in my stash to make the petals but you can easily draw a 3 petal shape on paper, then cut it out and trace the shape on the foamiran with a toothpick. For each tulip bud you'll need two of these 3 petal shapes or you can cut 6 to 9 single petals.
Here are the supplies I've used to make my tulip flowers.

I've used pink and purple foamiran for the flower buds and green foamiran for the leaves.
I always color the petals with chalks or soft pastels before holding them to the heated iron.

The centre of the flower is made from a small ball of silver foil with a pointed tip. 
I glued the stem of the flower (wire) in the silver foil ball with my hot glue gun.

I prick a hole in the middle of the 3 petals and slide it on the wire up to the silver ball and glue the petals around it. And then again with the next 3 petals making sure that the silverfoil ball doesn't show (if it does, the ball is too big).

Then I wrapped flower tape around the wire. About halfway I've added a leave (hand draw and cut), using my glue gun and putting tape on it for a nice finish.

I hope you have enjoyed my first post for 14 craft bar. I would appreciate it if you leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by today.

Hugs, Henriette.