Saturday 17 September 2022


Dear Ladies!

Today I would like to say a very big thank you for attending our Retreat and Craft Party. Thank you for your amazing support and thank you to the new faces that travelled over seas to attend. It was absolutely beautiful to see so many people coming to support 14 Craft Bar. As some of you know I and of course our master of packing Seamus put in 10hours of work ever day, sometimes even more to keep up with orders but also provide you with newest collections and a smooth shopping experience. Seeing the shop turn 5 is the biggest accomplishment to us. So again thank you from the bottom of our hearts to every single one of you ladies for shopping and supporting us all the time. I would also like to say a big thank you to my 2 wonderful girls Aggie and Gida for their beautiful work, for the classes filled with joy and absolutely magnificent projects but also for the absolutely jaw dropping party they made for me and you, without them I wouldn't of made it as perfect as it was. But ladies of course let's not forget our very talented photographer Gniewko, thank you Gniewko, for all the patience and hours spent taking pictures and videos of us and our event I am always confident that I will have beautiful captured memories to remember. To summarise ladies thank you to all of you and my team for making this event memorable for many more months to come.
Kisses Agnes

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