Monday 7 October 2019

Craft Festival & Retreat

My Dear!
It's been now week we came back from the magical place which is An Grenan, where we organize our Craft Festival & Retreat this year. I can't find words to thank you... to tell you how wonderful you made us feel for these beautiful 3 days. We'd like to thank the staff of the place. Every single person contribute to our smile and amazing memories.
And now few words about our teachers and people, who helped us to organize everything. Without your help Aggie, Gniewko and of course Przemek it would never happen. Emilia, Aleksandra, Radovan, have prepared amazing classes, you put your hearts in it and we hope that everyone felt it at every single step. Your dedication, advice and kindness will be in us for a very long time.

And now you, my Lovely "Participants" you made us happy as always. Thank you for your laugh, for the evenings, for the chats and for your shopping in our shop ;) It always shows me that it makes sense to search for new products from various places so you can try new things, different styles, that you have this wonderful creativity in you and you create so beautiful things with our products. The number of words I have now written is not important, because there is one wonderful word which, when spoken with power and good energy, will define everything I just wrote.... THANK YOU !!!

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