Monday 14 October 2019

Mushroom house

I love to create little diorama and knew that the chipboard leprechaun house would be just perfect for such a creation along side the leprechaun's, mushrooms and butterflies.

I started by assembling the house and then added a layer of sand texture paste to the surfaces before adding pigment powders for added color.

I colored the leprechauns, mushrooms and fence pieces with acrylic paints.

 These were then added to the base along with a moss affect paste to make a green surface for the garden of the house.

I layered some cheesecloth on the roof for texture and added mini bush stamens in assorted colors from the shop and tiny foamiran flowers. I added some small terracotta pots and filled these with foamiran flowers and stamens. For the house and garden I added sprigs of plastic leaves available in the shop plus lots of tiny flowers made using Lady E tiny flowers dies and ecru colored foamiran. I finally added a scattering  of a product called flower soft to enhance the overall affect.

I used


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