Saturday 20 January 2018

Pretty in blue - organza foam flowers

Hi friends, 14 craft bar has the thinnest foam on the market in store and it's called organza foam.  It's very delicate and soft and you do not use an iron to shape it.
I've made this birthday card for my mother-in-law with organza foam flowers on it.

The foam is white but with I've dapped it carefully on both sides with a wet babywipe and oil pastels to make it soft blue and light brown. I folded the foam a few times and used these flower dies  to cut out multiple layers. 
For the blue and white flowers I used the three largest dies and 2 layers of each size for 1 flower. 

I glue the layers together with my hot glue gun and added the flower centres. I gently creased the flower in shape. You'll have to work carefully because the foam is so thin it can tear up very easily but the results are very soft and charming flowers.

The beautiful paper I used on my card is from Lemoncraft called gossamer blue. I just adore this paper and it goes perfect with my flowers.

I hope after seeing these flowers you want to give organza foam a try. If you do so please share your results and experience on our facebook page, handmade foamiran flowers. We love to see your pretty creations!

Hugs, Henriette.


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