Tuesday 10 April 2018

Pretty In Pink

Hi guys, I thought I'd show you today a Hairband I've created using some of the fabulous products from 14 Craft Bar,

I started off with one of the brilliant Hairbands onto which I wrapped some white ribbon round, these are available from 14 Craft Bar as well as the Foamiran used,

I made the Roses using the Multi flower dies, 

The buds were made suing the 2nd sized up die and 002 Ecru Foamiran, I added a little colour to the top edges of one of the buds with a  No 39 Pental oil pastel,
The medium sized Rose shown above was made using the 2nd and £rd sized dies, using 007 pale pink Foamiran,

the larger Rose was made using the 3rd and 4th sized petals and  007Pale Pink Foamiran, I used some oil Pastel to colour more of the petals while the middle petals I kept to the 007 Foamiran,

I hand cut some leaves out of 020 Olive Foamiran which I coloured on the edges with  the oil pastel too,
My Granddaughter couldn't wait to put it on!!! Lol

As you may be able to see from the picture above, I used white floral tape on the wires so they matched with the white ribbon and therefor didn't show as much,




Check out all the gorgeous products in store at 14 Craft Bar
Happy Creating!!!
Hugs Liz xx

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