Tuesday 21 August 2018

Foamiran Roses

Morning Friends and Crafters, it seems like a long time since I shared with you all. Anyway, I have received a few messages and comments about making roses with Foamiran, I have made a few videos so far, so in today's blog post I thought I would share the links again rather than a tutorial. My top aim is to have you all enjoying making your foamiran flowers and to be 100% happy with what you are making, so I hope I might be able to help.

Foamiran is such a wonderful medium to use for flowers, it gives especially good results with roses. I know the first couple can be tricky (we have all been there), but once you have mastered the techniques, you will be producing the most amazing and realistic blooms.

At first, really take your time to add the shape to your petals. It's really worth the effort, once you have that you will become a lot faster and shaping them is such a relaxing pastime, you can really lose yourself.

I'd really like to hear form anyone , so I know where you feel things are going wrong, or where you are having difficulty. Thats way I can try and help or give some advice, it will also help me to know what sort of video will help the most. Please buy quality Foamiran, you can get this from 14 Craft Bar, Some of the foams for sale out there, really are not suitable and then you will never be happy with your results.

I have included a selection of video within this post, if there are certain areas you would like covered, please let e know in the comments section. My top advice would be to forget all about the colouring to begin with, use either White or Ecru Foamiran until you are happy with your results.

Thank you ever so much for joining me today, I hope you have found this post useful. I hope to be back with you very soon. For now, Take care and Happy Crafting.xx