Friday 24 April 2020

New Lady E cutting dies

Before I'll show you all newest designs I want to say few words about one of them. 3D cake cutting die set. I created it especially for all people who would like to make little paper cakes for exploding boxes, for everyone who is frustrated, when it comes to making one, trying to figure out measurements, etc. Every time I was doing it, it took much more time than it should! So I decided to make my work easier and I'm sure I'm not the only one who will appreciate that design. It comes with flower & leaves designed to create great embellishments for your cakes! What do you think about it?

 It's time to share with you the rest of my new designs. Of course, there would be no new product release without new flowers & leaves. Leaves for me are a very essential ingredient of floral arrangements, I like to have them in various shapes and sizes.

 Flowers also are super important, during 8 years of crafting I made only a few projects without flowers! Once I learned how to make them, I love to make them. 

There is also one simple doily, it is a perfect size for exploding box and as a base for paper cake. I would like to mention one very important thing here too! There would be no new products without you! You keep me going! I am very grateful for all my lovely followers, customers, creative people who use my products and friends who support me.

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