Friday 1 October 2021

14 Craft Bar October Kit - Believe in Magic


Dear Friends!
It's the 1st of October so it's time for new kit of the month. October is all about Halloween and all the magic associated with this holiday. If you could quickly answer the question: Who is the most famous magicianin the world? I'm sure many of you would answer Harry Potter. And this is excatly what the October Kit is about. It's based on the paper collection Waiting for the letter which main element is the attributes of Hogwarts. Let your creativity be more magical this month than usual, make Halloween decorations or give someone magical exploding box and let the evening that come so quickly in October, mood you magically.

Fantastic collection from Zoju Desing - Waiting for a letter with extra sheet of elements to cut, additional 3 extra sheet of flowery elements to cut and 2 old book pages.

4 different chipboards in magic theme.

White exploding box, 2 card blanks:white DL and navy round. 
Something new 3 kraft diary cards and 2 shapes pumpkin and witch hat perfect for Halloween decorations.

4 Harry Potter themed playing cards, 3 mini bottles with microbeads, metal elements and styrofoam mini balls.

3 vintage ribbons in coordintaing colors, cord white and neutral and black chessecloth.

Mix of flowers and leaves.

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