Wednesday 12 April 2023

Hello Spring Week - Diorama

I love Spring with the emergency of all of the spring flowers as the earth comes to life again and thought I would celebrate this and replace my Easter decorations with a piece that celebrates these feelings. I took an arched window mdf shape and small stand and painted both with country blue paint (any pale blue will work as you really are not going to see much of it by the time you have finished). Once the blue paint had dried I applied Pentart Vintage Effect medium to areas that I wanted to distress and once this had dried painted over everything with nimbus which is a green shade (country green will work as long it has a contrast with your base paint). Once the second layer of paint had dried I sanded back the surface - the areas with the vintage effect medium rub back easily to reveal the base colour.

 For decoration I hunted in my stash for papers that had a spring feel choosing Bloomville an old collection by Mintay but still instock. I cut out the large wreath from the front cover as the base to decorate the window along side lots of other elements from the papers. 

Mindful that the piece is viewable from the back and the wreath whilst pretty on the front had the cover text on the back I added some cheesecloth frayed at the edges to the frame and then the paper piece. This way the cheesecloth hides the back of the paper when the whole piece is viewed from the back. On top of the wreath I then added a chipboard wreath (forestry wreath will work well if you can't get the exact one I used). On top of this I then layered paper elements tucking in spring flower leaves some rainbow mixed paper flowers and dried reindeer moss.

For the base of the upright I added small wood slices, fuxxy cut elements, flowers and moss adding in some extra chipboards - wild meadow set tucking these inbetween some of the wood slices and adding the taller elements to the back of the frame until I was happy that I had created a spring meadow.

I hope you enjoyed your Easter break and can now look forward to spring and the warmth of the coming seasons.

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