Saturday 28 October 2017

Stencils in action

Hi all

Did you see the new products in the shop? Our brand new stencils? Do you know that you don't need die cutting mechine to use them, but if you have already is great as well.

I would like to invite you to my tutorial step by step how to make flowers from one of that stencils.
I wish to make short video but I'm still waiting for my phone holder to start to record anything.

Look on that picture how amazing selection of stencils we have.
I've chosen one for today's tutorial.

That one

Of course I've used foamiran available on our shop as well.

On that pictures you see I've just folded one sheet of foamiran

And used stick to draw petals, next you just cut it out through the traces.
That is the way if you have no die cutting machine.

For somebody who has that machine I show you easy way to cut petals out.
I folded sheet of foamiran on half and put the stencil between...

And put to the machine

After that you will get the shapes of petals reflected. 
Now just use scissors to cut them out

Time for die the petals.
I've used dry oil pastels and colored just edges 

I'm using baby wipes when coloring foamiran

I'm using iron to heat up my foamiran and now shape the petals by squeeze and roll the edges with my fingers. Try to make a scoop from petal by putting your thumbs inside and little bit expand foamiran.

One petal is ready

You have to do the same with all. I've used lots of petals but if you don't want you can use just few and your flower will be just smaller 

I've started to stick with hot glue my petals to bunch of stamens, one by one all around.

Flower is ready 

And here some pictures in better light.

Hope that you enjoyed and soon you will be able to show your own flowers done by lovely stencils from 14 Craft Bar.

Product used from the shop


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