Tuesday 17 October 2017


Hi, DT Henriëtte here. This is my first post as a design team member for 14 craft bar and I'm very excited.
I live in The Netherlands and our national flower is the tulip, so I've decided that the tulip would be the perfect flower for my first blog post here.

I've used an old die I had in my stash to make the petals but you can easily draw a 3 petal shape on paper, then cut it out and trace the shape on the foamiran with a toothpick. For each tulip bud you'll need two of these 3 petal shapes or you can cut 6 to 9 single petals.
Here are the supplies I've used to make my tulip flowers.

I've used pink and purple foamiran for the flower buds and green foamiran for the leaves.
I always color the petals with chalks or soft pastels before holding them to the heated iron.

The centre of the flower is made from a small ball of silver foil with a pointed tip. 
I glued the stem of the flower (wire) in the silver foil ball with my hot glue gun.

I prick a hole in the middle of the 3 petals and slide it on the wire up to the silver ball and glue the petals around it. And then again with the next 3 petals making sure that the silverfoil ball doesn't show (if it does, the ball is too big).

Then I wrapped flower tape around the wire. About halfway I've added a leave (hand draw and cut), using my glue gun and putting tape on it for a nice finish.

I hope you have enjoyed my first post for 14 craft bar. I would appreciate it if you leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by today.

Hugs, Henriette.


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