Thursday 7 December 2017

stencils in action part III

Hi all
Christmas are very close but I have flowers again for you.
 I've used another, third stencil to make some flowers. You can see how diffrent flowers can be made.
Here is short tutorial how I made that type of flowers. I hope that you saw already my previous tutorials so you have already some knowledge about all process. If you didn't see them yet you can just click here and here.
I've used today silk foam, so was very easy to form petals and I didn't use iron.

and now enjoy

I made that traces as last time, using my die cutting machine (check here)

I've coloured patels using dry oil pastels and wet tissue. Inside with olive green and just on the edges with purple.

Looks not perfect? doesn't matter, that wll be not visible after rolling and shaping.

Now I'm rolling the edges by my fingers, and shaping them as a very small teaspoon.

Glue two pieces together

Stick some stamens and center, and...

I've used


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