Saturday 10 February 2018

A Hint Of Spring

Hi guys, I'm here today for 14 Craft Bar 
with a floral display I made using some of the fabulous Foamiran from

I had this old tin in my stash for years and always wondered how to use it, when I decided to have a go at some Crocus flowers I thought ta da at last I can use it!!! lol
So I hand drew a template for the petals then cut them out using the fabulous orange Foamiran - 026,

As you may be able to see I then used a mould to add a little detail on the petals before making them up into the flowers,

I made the centres of my crocus out of some yellow Foamiran - 004 and some yellow stamens too,

I then used some floral tape and hand cut leaves to finish my crocus off,
Did you also spot my 3 leafed clovers? 

These I made with a heart punch, then added the veins with a tooth pick, I twisted three lengths of very thin wire together, spreading the top out into three, I then glued one heart onto each piece of wire and then tweaked them into the correct place,

To make the display, I took my tin added some floral oasis type foam, stuck my flowers into it, then glued some moss type product on the top,

This really cheers me up on a cold dull or wet day,

Do check out all the gorgeous products 14 Craft Bar has in store,

Happy Crafting!!!
Hugs Liz 

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