Thursday 22 February 2018


Hi crafty friends!
Snowdrops are amongst the first flowers every year to appear and announce spring and I've seen some in the gardens in our neighborhood. I like the cute little white flowers peeking out of the snow and I wanted to make them out of foamiran.

Everytime I want to make an existing flower out of  foamiran I search on pinterest or google for templates/patterns and if available to watch some tutorial video's on you tube. Then I combine these examples to make my own designs.

Here are the different petals, leaves and materials I used.

I have recorded a video tutorial on how I made a snowdrop.
You can watch it by clicking on the link below:

video on how I make a foamiran snowdrop

I'm ready for spring. How about you?
Thanks for stopping by the 14 craft bar blog.

Hugs, Henriette.


white and green foamiran 06

green soft oil pastels

yellow styrofoam stamen

florist tape and wire

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