Wednesday 11 July 2018

Floral Shaker

Hi friends and crafters, I am back today with another project for you. Today I have made a shaker card using dies from 14 Craft Bar along with Foamiran for the floral embellishments.

You will need:
Green Foamiran (018 Grass Green)
White Foamiran (001 White)
Pink Foamiran (008 Pink)
Flower dies
Shaker Content
Oil Pastels Dark Red, Light Pink and Mid Green
Hot Glue Gun
Cream and White Card

Step 1: Cut all of the elements you need to create your base card, using the cream and white card stock.

Step 2: Secure the cream card behind the decorative designs using Tacky glue

Step 3: Secure a piece of acetate behind the window, this will be your shaker section.

Step 4: To position the back panel in place, position it face down in the window, then place your backing card over, this will give you the correct position.

Step 5: Add foam tape, approximately 1'' all around your window, making sure there are no gaps. This will also mean that you need to use less for your shaker. Add your chosen elements and secure to the backing card.

Step 6: Add your chosen sentiment to the card, then secure to your base card.

Step 7: Colour your petals using deep red on the very edges. Then use the pale pink on the front and back edges of your petals. Finally add the green to the center of your smallest petals.

Step 8: Fold the leaves together, twist and manipulate them, then leave them twisted.

Step 9: Gently unroll the petals, they should all now have a bowl shape in the center.

Step 10: Layer the petals and secure with hot glue, add matching stamens to your flowers.

Step 11: Position your flower onto the base card and when you are happy secure them in place.

Here is the finished card:

Thank you for joining me today, I do hope you have liked the tutorial and the finished card. I hope you will join me again very soon. For now take care and Happy Crafting.xx

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