Saturday 21 July 2018

Happy Birthday Chrysanthemums

Hi Friends and Crafters, today I thought I would share some Chrysanthemums and a birthday card to display them on. These flowers are a great way to start your journey with Foamiran from 14 Craft Bar. They are easy and straightforward to make, although there is a lot of cutting.

You will need:
Ecru Foamiran (002)
Green Foamiran (021)
Florist Wire
Aluminum Foil
Hot Glue Gun
Oil Pastels Red, Orange and Yellow Shades of your choice
Cream Card
White Card
Centura Pearl Base Card

Step 1: Cut a selection of circles in the amounts and sizes shown in the photo. I have also included a cutting guide here to show where to make your cuts

Step 2: Cut your circles as shown in the guide, making sure to stop around 1 cm from the center.

Step 3: Next shape each of the cut section, rounding off the edges to give a petal shape.

Step 4: Colour the petals using your selection of colours, reserve the deepest of your colours for the smallest petals only. Make sure each size of petal gets lighter as the size increases, leaving your largest petal the lightest of all.

Step 5: For the smallest 2 sizes of petals, place on the iron to heat, they will start to curl, let them drop and they will naturally form a cupped shape. The larger petals need to be heated and gently folded in turn.

Step 6: Take a small piece of scrap foamiran, large enough to cover a small ball of foil, colour this to match your petals. Secure the wire to the foil ball with hot glue. Thread one of the smallest petals onto the wire, add a drop of hot glue and secure as tightly as possible to your bud. Take another and secure slightly loser, repeat this with each consecutive petal, lastly add a green one which will form the greenery.

Step 7: Finally add a leaf to your flower.

For the Card:

Step 1: Use the pierced rectangles (tow largest dies) Cutting centrally in card measuring 7 1/2 x 6''. Cut the smaller from cream and the larger from white and secure together with Tacky Glue

Step 2: Emboss a piece of cream card, again 7 1/2 x 6''. Here I have used Tied Together by Couture Creations.

Step 3: Cut the poppy frame in white and the base frame in cream, layer together.

Step 4: Cut the decorative oval in white and a plain oval in cream, Layer them together.

Step 5: Assemble the card as shown using foam pads to give depth and dimension to the decorative insert and the outer frame.

Step 6: Finally layer onto your base card made with Ivory Centura Pearl.

Here is a close up of the flowers.

Many thanks for taking the time to take a look today, I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and the finished card. I hope you will join me again very soon. For now take care and Happy Crafting.xx

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