Thursday 4 October 2018

Foamiran Rose Card

Morning, I am back again with a little inspiration using the wonderful Foamiran from 14 Craft Bar. Today I have used the roses to decorate a beautiful decoupage card from Reddy. They make beautiful decoupage cards and what would be better to embellish it, but with some matching Foamiran roses. They really add that finishing touch.

You will Need:
White Foamiran (001)
Hot Glue Gun
Blue Oil Pastel
Blue Card
Reddy Decoupage
Tacky Glue
3D Glue Gel
Weathered Wood Distress Ink
Stamping Card.

Step 1: Cut out your mat and layers, this will depend on the image or decoupage you have chosen to use. I have picked the colours for this to match the colours in my image.

Step 2: Mount the design onto the first layer with Tacky glue.

Step 3: Add the other layers, then add your decoupage layers with 3D Glue gel.

Step 4: I added another layer to my card and then mounted it onto a Centura Pearl base as I wanted a larger finished card.

Step 5: Cut the flourishes from white stamping card, blend a little Weathered Wood Distress Ink to match the image. I have also used a Sakura gold pen, here and there, again to match the image.

Step 6: From 2.5 cm & 3 cm Foamiran squares cut your petal shapes.

Step 7: Take 4 or 5 petals at a time and edge them with the oil pastel, try to choose a colour to match your image.

Step 8: Warm the Foamiran on an iron, concertina fold and twist back and to. Shape the petals and roll some of the petals outwards. See the video below for the simple white rose.

Step 9: Create your roses, layering the petals and securing with the hot glue.

Step 10: Add the roses to your project. I have used 3D glue gel rather than hot glue as it gives you a longer working time to make sure you are happy with positioning.

Here is the finished card:

Thank you so much for joining me again today. I do hope I have given you a little inspiration, maybe another way of using your beautiful Foamiran flowers. I do hope you will join me again very soon, to see what else I have to share with you. For now Take care and Happy

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