Tuesday 23 October 2018

Simple Red Rose

Morning Friends and Crafters. Today I thought it might be a good idea to share with you a very simple red rose, it's a great way to start or progress in your Foamiran journey. Take your time with shaping your petals, it's the foundation of your finished piece. The more you put into the shaping the more natural your finished rose will be.

You will need:
Green Foamiran 018 (I had run out so had to use another colour)
Red Foamiran 024
Aluminum Foil
Florist Wire
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Cut your petal shapes from 3.5 & 4.5 cm squares, shape around 3 of the corners as I have shown in my previous videos. I have included it again here. Colour with a deep purple and rich red oil pastel.

Step 2: Shape your petals, giving them a nice cupped shape, frilled at the edges and rolled backwards.

Step 3: Prepare a pear shaped come and secure to the florist wire with hot glue.

Step 4: Start building up your flower using the smaller petals.

Step 5: Continue building the rose.

Step 6: Finally add some looser petals to give a fuller or rose or leave if your prefer a smaller tighter look.

Step 7, 8 & 9 To make the calyx, I have demonstrated the folds on paper as I dont want to mark on my Foamiran as shown in the first 2 photos. Then cut as in the 3 picture.

Step 10: This will give you this shape when unfolded.

Step 11: Colour with deep green and a little red oil pastel.

Step 12 Fold the petals back together and twist firmly but gently. Unfold and slide this along the florist wire, Secure to the base of your rose with hot glue.

I have included links to my previous videos for shaping as this is a basic rose. As I have said before shaping the petals is the most important step, put in time here or you will not be happy with your end result. I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial today along with the finished bloom. I hope to see you very soon. For now Take care and Happy Crafting.xxx

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