Sunday 21 June 2020

June Kit - Happy Thoughts

This piece has been made with the limited edition June kit and utilizes the embellishment tin from the pack. I started by drawing around the tin so that I had a template to cut pieces of paper for the top and inside of my tin. I also cut strips of paper for the edges being careful not to cover the grooves in the tin so ensure that the tin would shut properly.

Before adding embellishments to the top of my tin I added lots of pieces to the inside - creating a diorama using a collection of  steampunk hats and goggles cut from the back of the packaging.

The whole yellow flower was too big for the tin so I cut it in half keeping all of the stamens with one piece before tucking it behind one of the hats. I then added some of the metal cogs from the charm pack before draping chain also from the charm pack around my composition. I tucked in some twisted stamens and coloured polystyrene "balls" from the flower pack.

I decorated the inside lid as shown using a cut up sticker sentiment, fussy cut goggles and a piece of the rose ribbon.

The outside of my lid was decorated with words from the sentiment pack along side the remainder of my orange flower

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