Monday 1 February 2021

14 Craft Bar February Kit - Simply delicious

Finally, the latest kit is ready!!! I know, I know you've been waiting a while but I hope it was worth waiting.

We start deliciously, because I don't know what about you but I still can't forget about all the delicious Christmas treats like Christmas cookies (my Mum's recipe), "Greek fish" (polish way of making fish and it probably has nothing common with Greece), Marta's school salad etc.
The idea of this kit came since I saw collections "Around the table" by P13, before Christmas Mintay Papers released "Homemade". And now in January 2 new Lemoncraft collections appeared, both sweet & spicy - "Something Sweet" and "Delicious". And what to do now if every single collection is so beautiful? I mixed them up and now you have 14 pages 12x12, 6 pages 6x6 and 6 tag stripes and 4 recipe cards.

If you want to stuff it all in the album the one in the kit is perfect. It has a lot of pages and hard cover. It is perfect for Recipe book.

Few words about embellishments. This time you won't find any flowers I hoper you forgive me this. I replaced them with air dry clay jugs, tea pots, muffins, cups and chipboard cutlery and everything what you can find in the kitchen. Shabby ribbons you can always find in our kits, because it is indispensable element and amazing decoration. You can find there also piece of flannel with tea pots and I'm very curious how are you going to use it.

I've also added something to play with and learn about. Product that you may not have had before. A tiny muffin mold and a piece of 14 Craft Bar air dry clay, so that you can make an embellishment by yourself and see how simply it is.

There is also surprise in the kit which you can use now or later if you decide to make some 3D project for example large or small cupboard  for shadow box or doll house. I decided to complete real spices, pasta and coffee beans for you - something good for everyone!!!

I wish you great fun with our kit... check your drawers for piece of papers with old family's recipes. Call your Mum or Granny to ask for the mystery recipe of your favorite cookies again and make yourself a gift that will stay at home for years.

And of course I have to mention it again. that our kit is limited and first 4 people who purchase the kit will receive a wooden spoon or metal Stamperia jug.

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  1. Amazing kits as always! This one I just loooove! Can't wait to play around with it ����