Saturday 14 March 2020

March Kit - Her Ladyship


Hello, my dear friends! This week we talk a lot about women, ladies, feminism and femininity. About beauty and grace, about fire and passion, about strength and softness which are present at the same time in a woman. My today's card is also a tribute to the woman and everything about her but in that old-fashioned way. Isn't it true that probably all of us being a little girl dreamed to become a real lady at least for a day? To wear those beautiful laces and pearls, hats with feathers and jewelry with diamonds, to write long letters and diaries, to walk in rose gardens and pick fresh flowers with your hand in a lacy glove? Hope my card brings up the memories and reminds us there still lives a lady in each of us :) (sorry, gentlemen, today it's all about the girls ;) ) 

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