Sunday 12 November 2017

A Foamiran Rose Tutorial

Hi guys, today I thought I'd show you how I made a Rose with some of the gorgeous Foamiran in Lemon and the fabulous stencil 04 all from 

You will need :
Foamiran using the colour of your choice,
Stencil 04
wooden skewer/tooth pick or similar

So take the Foamiran which you wish to make your flowers with and place it on a flat surface, take your stencil and place the smallest petal on one edge of your foamiran, this is easy to see as the stencils  backgrounds are easy to see through, as shown

Take your wooden skewer or what ever your going to use to draw around the stencil with, hold the stencil firmly in place with your other hand then simply draw lightly around the stencil with the skewer, I do this lightly so you don't tear or go through the foamiran,

I then did the same thing with the next petals,

Hopefully you can see the outline you get,

I then cut out a rough square around the petal, I do this as I usually cut up to 4 layers of foamiran out at a time and so I place my first square down and simply cut round, moving it each time till I have  4  square layers,

seen here!!

Taking all 4 layers held firmly together, simply cut around the shape you have drawn,

These are all cut out and ready to be coloured if wanted or made up into the Rose,

I chose to add a little colour to the tops of my petals, using a couple of oil pastels,

Hold the petal firm on a piece of card stock or whatever you wish to colour on, taking a piece of foam I use some washing up pads cut up, simply add colour to the top edges of your petals, flicking the sponge on the top of the petal,

I then went over with a lightly darker colour too, this is entirely optional!!

Now your petals are ready to be scrunched and shaped into shape, because this foamiran is lovely and thin (0.6) you do not need to use heat, so simply take your petal and fold it between your fingers as shown,

At this stage take the folded petal and scrunch it in both hands,
Twist and roll the petal backwards and forwards,

This is the look your after at this stage,

as you can see it has a scrunched shape about it now,

So next take the petal and slightly stretch it in the middle section between your fingers gently, easing it is better then pulling hard as if pulled too hard it can tear,

as you can see it still has some shape on the top edge, I still need to stretch it a little more in the middle yet though!!

This is the desired look your after,

Take a piece of wire, if you wish your flower to stand make sure you use one suitable to do so,
I bent over the top edge then added some hot glue to it,

Take this and glue it to one side of your smallest petals, then roll the remaining petal around the wire,

add a little more glue to hold this in place,

Your now ready to add the next petal,

Add some glue at the base,

Add your next petal on top of the glue, making sure your next petal slightly overlaps the side of the last one added,as shown

do this another few times, pressing slightly at the base to give the flower shape as well as making sure the petals stick to the glue, 

Here I have added a few petals, I wanted this flower to have quite an open looking centre so I only glued the bottom part of the petals, if you wanted a more closed look you would glue further up the petals and press them down,

So keep on going doing the same steps, 

This is the look with a few more petals added, as you can see you get a lovely edge to your petals,

Keep on going doing the same steps, at this stage you may find it easier to glue holding the flower as shown,

adding your petals like this too, always check and look at the top of your flower to make sure it's in the right place before pressing the petal in place though, as at this stage you can tweek it,

were nearly finished at this stage!!

So after a few more petals this is the finished look

I wanted my Rose to be for a display so I added some leaves using the 04 stencil, using one of the greens,

I did the same steps to draw the leaves, using my skewer, I had a few smaller sections on my green Foamiran so I place my stencil on those places and just cut out the petal one by one, you can of course do this with the petals if you prefare,

Again  I hand cut around the drawn outline,

I added a little colour to the tips of the leaves at this stage before scrunching them also,

Fold as you did with the petals,

Then scrunch between your fingers,

Shown here is the look your after,

again stretch this in the middle easing it into shape,

Glue some wire onto the base of the leaf, 

Hold it down firmly for a few seconds for the glue to set, make sure you don't press directly on the glue though or you fingers will get burnt!! ( as I know) lol

After adding a calyx to the bottom of my Rose, I then added  some floral tape to my wires and glued my leaves in place,

Products used:

Well I hope you liked my Tutorial, any questions just ask,
Check out all the gorgeous creations my teamies have to show you on 14 Craft Bar blog and don't forget we have a Foamiran flower challenge going on too, do check out the gorgeous Foamiran and all the other gorgeous products Agnes has in the 14 Craft Bar store,
Happy Crafting!!!
Hugs Liz xx

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