Saturday 11 November 2017

Stencils in action part II

Hi all
Today I would like to show you my way how I'm using that stencil from 14 Craft Bar

I hope that you saw my first tutorial. I've shown there already how I draw the traces of flowers. If you didn't see, you can find here.
I'm using barbecue stick or my die cutting machine. 
Stencils are fantastic product. There are light and take very small space. If you would like to show how to make flowers somewhere outside your house you don't need to carry big die cutting machine just stencil, stick and foamiran.  It is so easy. 

I like big flowers, so I've used the biggest patels on that stencil.

In the meantime I've done centers for my flowers. There are big enough. I hadn't at home that big so I had to make myself.
I saw that way on Monika Weclewska You Tube channel so it is not my idea.

I've used gold styrophone balls. 

I've put glue everywhere on the ball.

And put that in to a bag with microbeads. 

And now I have lovely centre for my flower

My new centres have to dry out so now it is time to cut out my petals.

I've decided to cut out few small flowers as well to make my buquiet nicer. 

I've coloured them using dry pastel, just the edges.

Heat them up little bit

And formed petals by rolling them in between fingers.

And formed something like teaspoon with every patel.

Stick three flowers together, add stamens and your new center.

Ours flowers should look like that

Hope that you like my tutorial.

I've used from the shop