Saturday 30 May 2020

Pastel flowers - how to use 14 Craft Bar stencils

Hello everyone!

When I have received my DT package full with craft allurements I found something very interesting that I decided to show you today.
There are flower making mask stencils which are very handy because of several reasons. 

First of all, they are absolutely comfortable supply, (light and thin) no taking lots of space, easy to use and effortless for shaping petals.

Second, you can cut out petal patterns without using any cutting machines which is a great relief for crafters who haven't got those.

And third, I find them not needing much work
So my post today is dedicated to two of those amazing flower making items and I will be really happy if you share your flowers made using that flower stencils.  

For my foamiran flowers, I used Stencil 8 and its cutout version. Both are very easy to work.


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