Thursday 28 June 2018

For a Friend

Hi Crafters and Friends, I am back with a little more inspiration for you, A card for a friend using Foamiran from 14 Craft Bar along with some Sue Wilson Dies. I do hope you are enjoying the good weather and it's not to hot for you all.

You will need:
Red Foamiran (024)
Green Foamiran (021)
White Foamiran (001)
Oil Pastels Deep Red and Purple
Small, Medium and Large Ball Tools
Foam Mat
Glue Gun
Burgundy Cardstock
3D Glue Gel

Step 1: Prepare your chosen layers using the ivory and burgundy cardstock. (See Photo)

Step 2: Layer onto your base card, made with Ivory Centura Pearl.

Step 3: Place the small design in the center using tacky glue. Raise the decorative layer using 3 mm foam tape or foam tabs.

Step 4: For the small accent flowers, cut 2 cm squares, you will need 5 for each flower. Shape by trimming around the 3 edges. See my previous posts for a video showing cutting and shaping.

Step 5: Repeat this for the red roses, using 3 cm squares and 4 cm squares. You will need 9 small and 4 or 5 larges petals for each rose.

Step 6: Colour your petals using dark red and purple oil pastels. Don't use the purple on the larger petals.

Step 7: Use your ball tools to form a cupped petal, use the small for the small petal, medium for the medium and large for the large petal.

Step 8: Shape each of the petals at the edges, frilling and rolling the edges. Please ignore the white petal in the photo, I got carried away, the white petals only need to be cupped.

Step 9: Assemble your roses using a hot glue gun. See my previous video for the technique.

Step 10: Arrange your blooms and foliage and secure to you card using 3D glue gel.

Thanks again for joining me today, I do hope you have enjoyed the tutorial today along with the finished card. Would love to have some of your comments and thoughts, for now take care and Happy Crafting.xx

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Dreamcatcher-set with butterflies

Hi everyone!
Today I have prepared a summer set: a card and a dreamcatcher.
The set was made from the Daydream collection.
I decorated it with roses made of foam.
On the flowers you can see micro beads, available in the store in various colors and sizes.

And how do you like my summer set?

Saturday 23 June 2018

Shaker Card

Hello everyone !

Check out my new card for You ! This vibrant violet bursting blossom made shaker card Is for little Zoe for her first BIRTHDAY.
To made it,  I used a lot of sequins and microbeads, also to create box I have used shaker box-heart.

I have used :


micro beads

metalized micro beads

pearl buttons

leaves papers

lemoncraft papers

little flowers

little hearts

little hearts


Hope u like it ! Patrycja

Friday 22 June 2018

Chocolate box for a teacher

Hi all
I've decorated today chocolate box for a teacher on the end of school year, which you can buy in 14 Craft Bar. I've used this time turquoise box. I love that colour.  Flowers made from foamiran.
Hope you like it 

I've used


Thursday 21 June 2018

Foamiran Flowers

Good Morning Friends...

Rajni Chawla here, from Timeless Creations again!!. Take little time to smell these innocent and pure beauties. Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again. 
Today, I have few more foamiran flowers to share. I always loved creating with bright and cheery colors. Creating with whites was totally new to me. I m happy to see the way these flowers turned out. 
I have used various sizes from Stencil 03 to cut the flower petals and used 14 Craft Bar Poinsettia Die to create calyx for the flowers. The foams used are Foamiran 020 Olive and Foamiran 001 White. The flower centers are created using Olive Foamiran with fringing technique. 
Here are few close-ups of the flowers...

Thanks for dropping by...
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