Wednesday 29 April 2020

April kit - Adorable you


Hello all,

We are blessed a wonderful spring this year in Ireland. 
Hope You enjoy the weather in your gardens or through the windows. And also hope you didn't stop crafting because of the difficult situation around.

Today is my last inspiration with stunning April kit. I prepared layout with loads of details.

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Tuesday 28 April 2020

I love making roses

Personally I don't like roses but I really enjoy making them. 
It really relax me.
And what about you. Do you make roses?

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Monday 27 April 2020

Special Keepsake


Decorating a babies nursery is something I have not had to do for many years (my children are in their 20's and there are no grandchildren in sight) but I knew the minute I saw the papers designed by our very own Lady E for Lemoncraft  - Boys little world that I wanted to create a miniature train.

I started by using the engine piece of the train mdf set as a template to cut the papers that were going to be used to decorate it as I knew they would be difficult to do once the piece was painted and assembled. I painted the pieces with a dark blue paint taking care to avoid the slots needed for attaching everything together. Once the pieces were dry I covered the assembled engine and carriages with papers from the pack. I dry brushed more of the blue paint over the papers to cover the cut edges and unify the appearance. 

I adhered co-ordinating chipboard pieces to the front of the engine and to the front of the engine and carriages and then added paperflowers and tiny buttons as embellishments.  I fussy cut some elements from the ephemera sheet in the 12 x 12 pack (hot air balloon, aeroplane and rabbit reading a book) and adhered these to the back of the train pieces.

Although the train carriages could hold many things from candy to little gifts and keepsakes I decided that I would then make a series of mini-books, one for each carriage. To do this I used the tag images in the paper packs. Having cut the tags out I adhered them to greyboard creating front and  back covers for each of the books and then using these as templates cut 6 pages for each book using papers from both the A4 paper pad and the 12 x12 pad. I secured the books together using ribbon and then decorated the front of each book with more fussy cut images, chipboard pieces, flowers and buttons. The books were then placed in the train so that they can be added to at the appropriate time.

I had great fun creating this piece which I will tuck safely away until either my children get round to giving me grandbabies or a colleague at work has a baby in the mean time I wish you all many happy hours of crafting and above all that you stay safe.

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Sunday 26 April 2020

I See Provence From My Window

This is one of the projects you'll make on our festival's workshop with Olya on 14 Craft Bar Craft Festival 
in September in An Grianan ICA.
More info here.

Hello, my dears!
What would be your dream view from a window? The sea? Mountain peaks? Endless perfectly manicured lawn or maybe lavender field? Let's dream together! :)

Friday 24 April 2020

New Lady E cutting dies

Before I'll show you all newest designs I want to say few words about one of them. 3D cake cutting die set. I created it especially for all people who would like to make little paper cakes for exploding boxes, for everyone who is frustrated, when it comes to making one, trying to figure out measurements, etc. Every time I was doing it, it took much more time than it should! So I decided to make my work easier and I'm sure I'm not the only one who will appreciate that design. It comes with flower & leaves designed to create great embellishments for your cakes! What do you think about it?

 It's time to share with you the rest of my new designs. Of course, there would be no new product release without new flowers & leaves. Leaves for me are a very essential ingredient of floral arrangements, I like to have them in various shapes and sizes.

 Flowers also are super important, during 8 years of crafting I made only a few projects without flowers! Once I learned how to make them, I love to make them. 

There is also one simple doily, it is a perfect size for exploding box and as a base for paper cake. I would like to mention one very important thing here too! There would be no new products without you! You keep me going! I am very grateful for all my lovely followers, customers, creative people who use my products and friends who support me.

Thursday 23 April 2020

Picnic Day

Today I'm coming with another day to celebrate... because you never have enough days to celebrate. On the 23th of April we celebrate National Picnic Day

"There are a variety of ways to take part in a picnic.  This meal hearkens back to mid-18th-century al fresco French dining when all you needed was a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, some cheese and fruit and you could have a party under the sky. In fact, our modern-day idea of a picnic evolved from Medieval hunting feasts and Victorian garden parties. These were usually quite sophisticated affairs, which involved multiple courses and elaborate preparations. Today, picnics are usually casual meals enjoyed on a comfortable picnic blanket. From barbecues to simple cold plates, picnics are light informal affairs intended to be relaxing and fun for everyone to enjoy the day."

Let's celebrate and have a picnic in our homes on the living room floor! Why not!!! 

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