Wednesday 28 September 2022

Autumn memories - Aggie & Gida

With Autumn in the begining it's time for some autumn projects. With so many beautiful autumn collections and products in the shop it is very easy. And the best thing is that all of them are in one category HERE!!! 


As my project for this joint post I decided to make autumn shadow box... oh I forgot how much I love creating such a dimensional 3D things. With so many layers and elements. Do you believe that i started making this shadow box last autumn?!?!


- GIDA -

Finally Autumn is here! My favourite season, season on pumpkin spice, sweathers and cozy evenings. With my cards I want to make them what I imagine fall like, lots of leaves and a lot of burgundy and orange colours.

Friday 23 September 2022

My Little Dino Cards

 Hi Loves!

I made a couple of cards quite a while ago for a little boy but never got around to actually posting them. The reason I made them was because I just fell in love with the little dinos in the Cute Book by Mintay, aren't they adorable!? These where very quick cards and used a simple technique like layering.

Wednesday 21 September 2022

Hello, Beautiful Autumn

Hello, dears. As you may have noticed, autumn is here. Some of you will say "Finally!". After the long summer with its extremely hot days and no less hot sleepless nights, it's finally time for some fresher air, light morning drizzle, cozy evening lights, riping pumpkins and red berries in the garden. Those are simple things to appreciate and make us happy, aren't they? 

Monday 19 September 2022

Seaside Escape - album as a home decor.


I have had the MDF large sea shell and stand in my crafty stash for a while waiting for just the right project and knew when I saw the Nautical Chippies and the CiaoBella Underwater love 12 x 12, 12 x 12 backgrounds and A4 Creative pad that they would work wonderfully with it and so the idea for this project was born.

This is a versatile piece as you don't need to put it into a base if you prefer not too or you could add it into the two place base and simple cover up one or the slots or add an extra decorative element such as the starfish behind although that might make it more difficult to flip the pages over.

I started by covering the base and the shell mdf on both sides with paper neatening the edges with sandpaper before using chipped saphire distress oxide to ink around the edge. I then found a set of large circular nesting dies and selected the biggest one that would sit within the shape of the shel. The first layer of my pages is approximately 17cm diameter cut from white 300gsm cardstock, the decorative mat is approximately 15cm diameter and was cut from patterned paper and the photomat is approximately 13cm cut from white 300gms cardstock. I added blue ink to the edges of all pieces and to the smaller one some text stamping before distressing the edges of the circles with the blade of a pair of scissors. The concentric rings were then adhered on top of each other. You will need 6 of the 17cm and 12 of both the 15 and 13cm circles.

Having created my pages I then added decorative elements to each page.

Each page has an embellishment cluster consisting of paper cut outs layered with a Mintay chippie and more paper. The cluster is balanced by some more cut of elements as shown approximately diagnonally opposite the larger cluster - the little fish are just perfect for doing this and there are lots of them to cut out on the papers.

The front and back of each card were decorated.

The elements pack contains lots of tags and ciruclar pieces and I added these so that they hang on a book ring which attaches the pages to the mdf shape

I mixed up the embellishment clusters putting some to the left and others to the right of the page. 

Once all of the pages were decorated I used my cropodile to cut a whole in the mdf shell and then adhered it into place on its stand. The base and edge of the shell were then further enhanced by adding small grain 3D balls with some Powder Grain. Once this had dried I added a book ring onto which I slipped the pages and paper elements. The book ring was then tied with pieces of shabby ribbon to complete the album. 

I hope you like this very different style of free standing album which I think is a concept that could be used for many different occassions.