Thursday 31 August 2017

Classic Foamiran Rose

Hello :)
I'm coming to share with you classic rose in not classic colors :)
Made out of white foamiran and coloured with oil pastels.
All products used are from 14 Craft Bar
 For the leaves, I have used leaf mold to achieve those little vines.
 Each petal was hand cut out of 3.5x3.5cm squares.

Thank you!!!
Lady E

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Wednesday 30 August 2017

Foamiran Wedding Set

Hi :)
Today I'd love to share with you delicate wedding setcorsage & boutonniere
for bridesmaid and best man.

Thank you :)

Foamiran Ivory

Foamiran Ivory

Foamiran  024-RED

Π€ΠΎΡ‚ΠΎ Foamiran Ireland.

Sunday 27 August 2017

Anemone or something similar πŸ˜„

Hi all
Lovely, dry Sunday today.  I'm spending time in beautiful place but still
I would like to show you my work, another flowers what I made recently. There are very similar to anemone.
I cut out first them from foamiran, used mold to make a traces and coloured by dry pastels.
I was inspired by Monika Weclewska. You can find her on You Tube.

I've used 


Thursday 24 August 2017

Simple Foamiran Poinsettia Flowers & Video Tutorial

hello... it's Emilia here :)
I know I know 
 it's still a lot of time till Christmas :)
I usually start my Christmas makes in July :)
today I'm sharing with you gorgeous foamiran poinsettia flowers:

 Foamiran, tools, dies and flower centres are from 14 Craft Bar store
They have an amazing choice of stamens!!!

and here is the video tutorial for you :)

Thank you!!

14 Craft Bar store:

Tuesday 22 August 2017

Roses & Calla Lilies for Mum

Hello from a dull and dreary Dublin today.
Today I would like to share with you a gift I made for my mum. I love this verse so much and it tells my mum exactly how I feel about her.

My mum loves roses so I knew I would make some for this project and I used the largest die from the Flowers AC1 set. As a crafter I mainly make cards and have used the smallest 2 dies from this set a lot and didn't think I would use the bigger 2 dies too much but they are perfect for home decor projects or hair decorations as the rose you get when using them is almost life sized.

I have been practicing making Calla Lillies as I needed to master them for another project and was really happy with how these turned out even though I had a little accident and tore one slightly but I decided that was a happy accident as it makes the flowers look more life like.

I cut thin strips from the olive Foamiran to get the curly grass.

The products I have used from 14 Craft Bar are:





Thank you for stopping by and happy crafting to all.


Saturday 19 August 2017

Flowers 😍

Hi all 
Today is my first post of new blog of new shop 14 Craft Bar. 
As you know Foamiran Ireland is part of that shop and everything from Foamiran Ireland is transfered to 14 Craft Bar...Design Team as well hihi. 

So I would like to show you flowers made from silk foam, coloured with soft pastels. 

Hope that you like. 
Enjoy and happy shopping in new online shop
 I've used