Friday 30 June 2023

Sunflower Thank You Teacher Cards

 Hi Loves! 

I never make school or teacher cards because usually those type of cards are very minimalistic, well and i am the opposite. But i received a messaged from i customer asking for a card with sunflowers for a teacher. I said ill give it a try since i already had the paper but then my crazy mind decided i needed to do the flowers as well. Long story short both me and the customer absolutely loved the cards.

Wednesday 28 June 2023

Decorative Cart

I had the MDF candy trolley for a long time waiting for inspiration and then having collected lots of bottles decided that it would make a great place to show case them. Alternatively the cart is big enough for you to put lots of albums in to keep them safe or to use to put candy jars in at a celebration for people to help them selves from.

This piece is large! but not so complex to make. To cover it in one paper though would require you to have at least 3 of the same paper and if you are buying pads that seems a tad extravagant to me but never fear I have a solution.

I started by making the cart up leaving off the wheels and painted it in a pastel blue paint - the country green would work well as an alternative or even country rose avoiding areas that I knew I was going to cover with paper.

I chose to work with Rose Parfum 12 x 12 background papers and cut triangular pieces to size for the end panels and then distressed the edges with vintage photo distress oxide before adhering in place.

For the roof and bottom of the cart I simply measured the size of the arch shape and cut strips that size from three different papers from the paper pack. I distressed the edges with the same brown ink and then adhered them as show before sanding off the edges and then adding more of the brown ink to the curved edges. I then glued the wheels into place.#

 For more decorative details I took some extra light clay and cast 4 pieces of the long ornament B mould which was in stock when I made the piece and then additional pieces that I cut the flowers from only. You could do this with the decorative baroque mould using the central element for the wheels - alternatively you could decorate the top and base areas with long ornament C and use the large rose from the rose and bud mould for the wheel decorations. Once the clay was dry I painted it with same paint I had for the cart before dry brushing with white gesso.

I do hope that by showing how to decorate this large MDF piece I have taken the fear out of making such a large piece as broken down into steps its really not that complicated. I know I really enjoyed making it and then filling it with my altered bottles - that's a blog for later on this month so please watch out for it.


Tuesday 27 June 2023

Provence, Provence...

Hello, dears!

Those, who follow me for a while, know, that Provence is my forever love. Every year I come back to this beautiful and extremely inspiring theme no matter how overused it might seem to be. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get bored with it and so far my answer is a big fat no :)

Wednesday 21 June 2023

Mediterranean style cards - Gida & Aggie

 Finally proper summer arrived to Ireland and we can enjoy sun and hot weather. You don't even have to go anywhere for holiday because we'd like to invite your for mediterranean journey. This month Aggie & Gida decided to make some mediterranean theme cards for their joint post. Enjoy!

- GIDA -

For my part of the Joint Post I made a set of cards using the Mediterranean Heaven from Mintay Papers. I also made lemons from air dry clay to accompany the collection and some Snipart chipboards. Its Mediterranean Heaven for sure!


Here is another card made out of Sicilia collection by Ciao Bella. This time I decided to make some wedding card using this collection. Wouldn't be the perfect wedding?