Thursday 28 April 2022

"Sonora" by Ciao Bella - Aggie & Egidija

During the 14 Craft Bar Craft Fetival & Retreat, Aggie and Egidija got the same package of paper collection "Sonora" by Ciao Bella. They decided to make joint post and to show you how different cards you can make using the same papers. Except 12x12' papers they also got 6x6' fussy cut pad. 

This is what Ciao Bella saya about this collection:

"There are places where time is nothing, they remain unchanged. The desert has its own slow but steady clock. Anyway there are very different deserts. The one that has always fascinated us the most, is located in Mexico and it’s incredibly full of life and colors, like the country it belongs to. With this collection with vibrant and spicy colors, we take you in our journey to one of the most beautiful places on the planet, to be preserved, where beautiful gardens flourish in the desert. And if anyone had some doubts that Ciao Bella likes cacti, well, we love cactus! And you? We can’t wait to see the amazing projects the papercrafters will create with these artworks".


When I saw the papers I was fall in love with them from the first sight. When I finally decided to make my project I started panicking... what I supposed to make with so colorful and such a patterned papers? The only thing I could make were colorful and patterned cards. Of course there is lots of layers and many fussy cut elements.


I have to say by agreeing to do these cards I regretted it as soon as I started making them, like Aggie said the collection is super colourful and reminds me exactly of Mexico. But its tricky to match the colours, I just dug straight in with no plan to see what I come up with so I made 2 cards that are completely different yet similar in style. I have been to Mexico before and these cards just gave me the biggest nostalgia to go back there. Maybe someday I will go back there.

Monday 25 April 2022

Beautiful Moments canvas album

Making albums for weddings is not my normal habit but weddings are one of the occassions when lots of photographs are taken and they really should be printed out instead of being only in the cloud. Whilst I think this album would be suitable for a wedding careful use of the word die cuts means that it would also work for other celebrations - engagement, baby shower, christening ........

I chose to work with a 6 page vertical album for the base of my project and used  12 x 12, 8 x 8, journal extras and sheet of extras from the Force of Gentleness collection. This paper collection has such a gentle colour pallette that I absolutely love. I also added some of the clocks II sheet of extras.

I always start my makes by decorating the inside pages of my album as its easier to work on it before adding dimensional elements to the front cover.  I used the 12 x 12 papers and some of the 8 x 8 papers to create the first layer of each page.  Having selected the base piece for each page cut them to 2mm smaller in both dimensions than the page itself and then distressed the edges with a pair of scissors. Having distressed the base pieces I then did the same to all of the additional paper elements so the album is cohesive. I have also used a corner rounder through out the album.

Inside front cover and page 1:

The inside cover has two pockets created by cutting sone of the pieces left after I had cut all of the pages. I cut this to the height of the page and then cut it in a curilinear shape to create two pieces whice were layered on top of each other to create the two pockets. I slipped a 6 x 4" piece of watercolour card into the pocket and then added paper elements from the journal extras pack. 

Each page is decorated with an embellishment cluster; instead of using chipboard elements I die cut a selection of leaves from white cardstock (whilst the set I used is not available a selection of these die sets would work just as well - tarragon, young and green leaves, yellow leaves and forest leaves. I layered paper pieces from the pad, with die cut leaves, fussy cut flowers a die cut inscription,  a piece of grey lace and small paper flowers in white and grey.

There are several flap pages in this album which are created in the same way: again utilising the pieces left from cutting the base I cut 16cm strips and scored to create a hinge at 4cm from the edge that the flap was going to open from. The smaller piece of this was then adhered to the back of the base paper before adhering this to the album page. 

Page 2 and 3:

The pocket pages in the album have all been created in a very similar way. For page 2 I used a corner pocket from the journal extras pack and then layered one of the other pockets on top of it thereby creating two tuck spots for photographs etc.


For page 3 I tore a corner of paper and ahered it in place before adding the white watercolour photomount. I then added elements to the right side being careful to only partially ahere them so that a photo can be slipped under the ticket.

Page 4 and 5:

 This duo of pages has two flaps  created in the same way as page 1. The envelop on page page 5 is cut from the junk journal extras page and is closed with natural hemp cord meaning it can be opened to tuck special ephemera into for safe keeping.

 Pages 6 and 7 are created in the same way as 2 and 3.

Pages 8 and 9 are created the same way as page 1.

Pages 10 and 11 are the made the same way as pages 2 and 3.

Page 12 and inside back cover use the same techniques as inside front cover and page 1.

Having finished my pages (you can add xtra inserts as the pages in the album are all pockets) I then decorated the front cover. To do this I created some embellishments with extra light clay using a leaf and a circular mould - there are plenty of options in the shop to choose from. I also used a chipboard rosette - again the shop has plenty to choose from.

Before adding any of my decorative elements to the cover I secured in place some yellow ribbon from the Force of Gentleness set attatching it just to the edge of the front and back cover. The back of the album then had papers secured over the ribbon attatchment. 


For the front cover I layered left over scaps of paper, the chipboard rosette and clay frame before adding a little shredded gauze. I then tucked in the clay leaves before adding both silk peony and paper flowers. I then added a shabby ribbon before splattering with some Sepia with gold magic paint by Fabrika Decoru. Finally I tied more ribbons around the spine.

Thursday 21 April 2022

Dino exploding box

 Today I am coming with very colorful and happy inspirations. I got order for exploding box for 4 year old boy who love dinosaurs. I couldn't be more happy cause I got Mintay Papers - Cute Book on the Craft Festival & Retreat and I could finally use it. In the book you find plenty of cute graphics which are perfect for all kind of baby and children projects.