Friday 10 May 2019

Diamond fold card – tutorial

Cards with unusual shape, allow us to get the WOW effect !!! So today I will show you how to make my vintage diamond fold card.
Therefore, I invite you to a photo-course. You will see that it's quite a simple form

Step 1
From a thick paper (f.e. with a weight of approx. 250 g / m2), cut the base, according to the template (diamond fold card template - JPG file or a diamond fold card Word template).
Then we crease and bend the base according to the lines marked on the template: blue - concave, red - convex.
Step 2
From the scrapbooking paper, cut out shapes that will be used for individual elements of the base (diamond fold card template - JPG or diamond fold card Word template)
Step 3
The edges of the base and cut out elements are colored with ink.
Step 4
We stick elements from scrapbooking paper to appropriate places on the base, we bend in the right places and ... we have our base ready to use.

Now we need to decorate the base, so it will be the most pleasant part of the work  :)
Therefore, we need: hot glue and "Magik" glue, flowers, leaves, ink and cut ovals - frames.

Step 5
Ink the edges of ovals cut from scrap paper. Glue them on oval napkins cut from the same paper as the base. Also attach a cardboard with the inscription to a smaller base.

Step 6
Cut the leaves with paper using Lady E Design - Leaves 003 and Leaf 5. Using ink - gently color the edges, then gently twist each leaf.

Step 7
Arrange the leaves on the oval-base, then the flowers and when the composition is ready we glue it together. I glued the leaves to the paper and the foamiran flowers (I cut them with the Lady E Design - Flower 004) using the hot glue.

Step 8
The frame prepared in this way is glued to the base. We do the same with a frame with an inscription.

The card is almost ready - it just need a nice box. You can find it in 14 Craft Bar store. I just removed the window. ;-)

I hope that my course will help you to create an interesting card with an original shape!

You can find the templates for the cards on our fb, here - click!
In my work I've used:



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