Monday 28 March 2022

Smile - embroidery hoop decor

I really did not consider how I was going to take a photograph of this project when needed for writing a blog post. The only place with decent light that I could hang it was my front door! But when I saw the angel wings set of chipboards I knew immediately what I was going to do with them. 

The base of the project is a large embroidery hoop but before I did anything with it I created my background papers. For this I chose the Pink Mood set of papers which comes with co-ordinating shabby ribbons. I drew round the inner ring of the embroidery hoop and then added detail to the outside edge using a delicate stamp with a chrysanthemum image using an archival brown ink pad. Further detail was added by applying thick white gesso through a swirly stencil.

The paper was then adhered inplace to the back of the inner ring of the embroidery hoop so that I could then build my composition. To to this I used elements taken from Flower Fiesta junk journal extras set distressing the edges and using cardboard to lift the elements off each other.

I then added a pair of wings from the chipboard set before layering more pieces from the junkjournal set.

The next step was to add some dimensional floral elements. I used handmade Nida flowers bought from the shop a while ago  but Elena's hand made flowers and pastel flowers would work really well instead. I also added some additional floral items taken from this time taken from the felici-tea extras pack although the co-ordianting one from flower fiesta would work as well.

Once I was happy I then tied lots of shabby ribbons to the outer frame along with some chunky macrame thread and also some white lace attatching more of the chipboard wings to some of the ribbons so that they hung at different levels. The outerframe was then secured over the inner frame before a macrame thread tie and ribbon bow were added to complete the look.

Monday 21 March 2022

Enjoy Life handmade album

I have acquired a lot of the tracing papers that co-ordinate with the Craft O'Clock paper ranges but have usually left them neglected in the draw and so I decided it was time to get them out and do something with them and thus this project was conceived. I started with a premade album which meant I could then concentrate on decorating rather than album construction - yes a pre made album base may seem extravagant but the reality is by the time you add the cost of greyboard and carstock for the pages it is a very cost effective way of creating and it does mean you have a very sturdy piece to treasure long term.

The papers I have used for this make are from the 12 x 128 x8 junk journal extras,  and set of extras Ominous Marshes collection. I then used a selection of the tracing papers from a number of different collections: tracing papers set 3tracing papers set 2 and some from the set that co-ordinates with the paper collection set 7. The chipboard titles are from decorative die cut inscriptions.  For consistency through out the project the edges of the papers were distressed with the edge of a pair of scissors and photomounts of white watercolour paper 4 x 6" were used.

The base of the album required papers to be 15.5cm wide and 20.5cm tall which meant I could only get one page per 12 x 12 sheet and so rather than getting another set of the 12 x 12 papers.  I chose to use the tracing papers on some of the pages strips 7cm by 20.5 and papers to 10cm by 20.5 overlapping the paper over the tracing paper - not only does this conserve paper it uses up the strips of the 12 x 12 cut making the whole pages and also adds a beautiful decorative element.

Through out the album I then added torn elements of the tracing papers to unite all the pages and decorated the photomounts with embellishment clusters made with fussy cut elements and die cut insriptions.Adding in some chipboard elements and taking advantage of the fact that Fabrika Decoru elements are a natural brown on the reverse side. - I used elements from forestry leaves, lavender and some from Botany Autumn.

Inside front cover and page 1:

Page 2 and 3:

Page 4 and 5:

Page 6 and 7:

Pages 8 and 9:

Pages 10 and 11:

Page 12 and inside back cover:

The front of the alubm was created by layering tracing paper, chipboards and fussy cut elements with pieces of scrap card board used to add height. Paper elements were then used to decorate the spine and back of the album.

All that is left for me now is to wish that you stay safe and enjoy what ever you have planned for this week and the future.

Friday 18 March 2022

Exploding box as a handmade gift

 Explodiong box or sometimes called explosion box is amazing handmade gift for every occassion. It is great opportunity to express you feelings and sympathy. And the most of all, it is impressive and can be a great place to give money as a gift. They can be simple or has plenty of embellishments.

We are going to show you some examples of exploding boxes for different occassion and I hope we will inpire you to make exploding boxes even more.


Wedding is very popular occassion for exploding boxes. Check out our wedding category.

First Holy Communion is another very popular occassion to give exploding box to someone. We have wide range of 3D chipboards which fit the xploding box. We have laso plenty of first communion chipboards you can used on the walls of box.

If you are wondering what you can give for christening exploding box is always a good choice.

 - BABY -


I think one of our favourite are flowery exploding boxes. Look at the inspirations from our DT. How different these boxes can be?

- MAN -
And I think opposite to the flowery boxes many of us struggle with making man's themed boxes.

With such a wide range of papers and chipboards you can create any box you want. 



You can also make exploding box as a gift for any holiday for example our favourite Christmas. 

I hope you will find something for youself and will create some amazing box and share it with us on our Fb group I LIKE 14 CRAFT BAR.