Friday 18 March 2022

Exploding box as a handmade gift

 Explodiong box or sometimes called explosion box is amazing handmade gift for every occassion. It is great opportunity to express you feelings and sympathy. And the most of all, it is impressive and can be a great place to give money as a gift. They can be simple or has plenty of embellishments.

We are going to show you some examples of exploding boxes for different occassion and I hope we will inpire you to make exploding boxes even more.


Wedding is very popular occassion for exploding boxes. Check out our wedding category.

First Holy Communion is another very popular occassion to give exploding box to someone. We have wide range of 3D chipboards which fit the xploding box. We have laso plenty of first communion chipboards you can used on the walls of box.

If you are wondering what you can give for christening exploding box is always a good choice.

 - BABY -


I think one of our favourite are flowery exploding boxes. Look at the inspirations from our DT. How different these boxes can be?

- MAN -
And I think opposite to the flowery boxes many of us struggle with making man's themed boxes.

With such a wide range of papers and chipboards you can create any box you want. 



You can also make exploding box as a gift for any holiday for example our favourite Christmas. 

I hope you will find something for youself and will create some amazing box and share it with us on our Fb group I LIKE 14 CRAFT BAR.

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