Monday, 5 September 2022

Vintage Beauty - door shaped album

I really enjoy using the Mintay shaped albums as a base for a project but know that for many converting them into an album canbe a challenge. For this make I have used Album door base base and added strips of paper  cutting these at 6" tall so they fit down the straight part of the base and 11/2 wide scoring at 1/2" and 1" so I have a gusset. The two side panels were then used to adhere one part of the album to the next page. This gusset gives a good amount of space between the pages for adding interactive pages. To secure the album I then added a piece of shabby ribbon across the decorative front page and glued it to the spine area and across the back cover. The back cover was then covered with decorative papers. Once the pieces were all linked together I then added a stablizing piece of decorative paper 6" tall by approximately 12cm scored at 1cm from each side gluing this to the joining strips and front and back of the joined pages.

To decorate the album I unsed Vintage beauty 12 x 12 with shabby ribbons collection 8 x 86 x 66 x 12 extras and 6 x 12 junk journal extras. I started by doing a lot of fussy cutting of elements from the extras and journal extras pack and then drew around the plain pages onto papers from the 12 x 12 collection until I had enough to cover the back and front of each page. NOTE I did not glue them in place at this point. 

Through out the album edges were inked with vintage photo distress oxide and distressed with the edge of a pair of scisors.

Front Cover: I painted the outside part of the decorative piece that comes with the album with BROWN paint then added a piece of transparent foil overlay behind to give a stable structure for decorating. I then adhered a piece of brown ribbon to the middle of the cover and added layers of images from the paper collections on top along with chipboard sentiments from a number of different sets including : inscriptions 06 but there are lots of sets to choose the ones most appropriate for you if you hunt for inscriptions. I altered the inscriptions which were all plain white by swiping over a little gold wax. Just be aware that although the die cuts look white with a black letters once left a while with the wax on you also see a shadow of words in a different font - it makes for an interesting effect but may not be what you want. I then added fuxxy cut floral elements and also some pale pink and azure paper flowers.

Page 1: I added  the covering layer of paper and then attatched to the front of this a dimensional pocket made by cutting kraft cardstock 14cm wide and 10cm deep then scoring 1cm and 2cm from each side and also from the bottom. When folded you create the dimensional sides of the pocket and a tabs which were used to attatch the pocke to the page. Inside the pocket I tucked tags tied with shabby ribbons and a simple piece of paper folded in half to create space to put extra information or photographs.

Pages 2 and 3 have flaps added one to each side using kraft card stock the flaps are 14cm tall and either have a 0.5cm or 1cm panel with an extra 1cm tab for adhering onto the base piece before the decorative paper was added. The size of the side panels allows the two flaps to tesselate over each other comfortable with space for decoration.

Page 4: This is a waterfall paged so I covered the base piece with paper then cut at 10cm wde by 11cm tall scored at 1cm along the long edge to give a tag to adhere to the base page after that had been covered with decorative papers.


Owing to the depth created by the waterfall elements Page 5 has two flaps only leaving space for a photograph underneath and on the flaps themselves.

Page 6 and 7 each have three flaps. I started by adhering patterned paper to the base and then cut a piece  of kraft card 4" wide by 6" tall to act as a photomat. To one side I then added 3 strips of paper cut to 11cm wide by 10cm tall scored to give a 1cm tab on the long side which was then used to secure the pieces in place. 

Pages 8 and 9 are constructed in the same way as pages 2 and 3.

Page 10 has 4 flaps added so that they each fold over on themselves again cut from Kraft card 11cm by 10cm scored to give a 1cm flap for adhereing in place.

Page 11 is a pocket page in the same way as page 1.

Having added all of the flaps I then cut papers to go on each piece leaving a 2 to 3 mm border so that the kraft card base can be seen. Each page/flap was then decorated with fussy cut elements, elements from the journal extras and tags with shabby ribbons as shown in the photographs above.

At this point the  album still felt a little unsteady so I decided to add strength the the pages gussets by wraping shabby ribbon round them twice then tieing in a simple knott. I staggered the poisiton of the knots as I felt this looked better.

Constructed this way the album feels really robust and stands on its own  as can be seen in the photographs. It has lots of space for small photographs so would be good for using for events that generate a lot of precious images.

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