Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Easter tiered tray

Lately I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking for some inspirations and I found great idea for Easter decor. This is very simple. All you need is tiered tray or regular tray and anything Easter/Spring theme. I'm sure you have lots of old decoration you can use on your tray.

I used IKEA white tiered tray...I have two 2-tiered trays so I made one but taller. Then I added whatever I found in my house... candles, small frames, bunny egg cups, wooden hens, cupcake stands and small jars. Then I added greens... green dried moss, plastic leaves and plastic flowers. If you're lucky and have garden you can add fresh flowers. I have to be satisfied with artificial tulips. I am going to add some chocolate eggs later. 
And voile!!! Beautiful Easter decor is ready. 

Check out my Pinterest board for more inspirations.

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