Friday 27 July 2018

Foamiran Poinsettia Leaves

Good Evening Friends...

Once again Rajni Chawla from Timeless Creations. It's my turn today for some inspiration for 14 Craft Bar. Today, I am sharing my very first try with foamiran molds. I created 2 varieties of Poinsettia leaves using. I'll be creating Poinsettia flowers for my future project.

Molds for foam flowers are made from tough polymer and are used as forms to make prints on the leaves and petals from foamiran. This kind of print has a very defined structure of nerves and because of that, the flower that is made through this technique looks like a real flower. There are molds for specific flowers, specific leaves, and few universal designs as well...
 Check the complete range here...

Here is the list of materials used from 14 Craft Bar along with the direct link to their website.

Red and white foamiran 
Polymer Mold 
Soft Oil Pastels 
Green Tape, Florist Wire and Glue

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