Thursday, 25 April 2019

Yellow daffodils

Beautiful yellow daffodils with their golden heads bobbing in the wind are a very quintessentially English sign that spring has arrived, and warmer months are on the way, so I thought that I would have a play at making some Daffodils using foamiran from 14 Craft Bar.

I have had a hectic few weeks so did not manage a photographic tutorial however there are several you tube videos showing how to make these beautiful flowers and a number of well known companies make dies specifically for this flower which makes life easier when time is short.

For my small daffodils I have used white, lemon and yellow foamiran.

The flowers were created around a cluster of stamens coloured with soft oil pastels.  Attached to a wire which was then covered with floristry tape. Daffodils have thick stems and for my small daffodils I simply added lots of layers of tape until I was happy with the shape of the stem before adding free hand cut leaves from dark green foamiran. My bud was created by scrunching up foil into a bud shape and then covering this with dark green foamiran and creating the stem as before.

My second set of daffodils are much larger and for these I made the stems by cutting long strips of approximately 1 cm wide and then wrapping these around the wire stem – until I achieved the thickness I wanted. – To smooth the stem out I then covered it with floral tape. In addition I have added to the bend in the stem a single scrunched and coloured petal to represent the remains of the flower but covering that is present on the real flower.

 Both bunches of flowers were placed in glass vases that I have filled with glass gravel/rocks bought from a floristry wholesalers.

In my work I've used: 


Have a great spring!

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