Thursday, 25 July 2019

Countryside layout

Hey hello :)
Summer season, vacations... I have some time for myself and I started cleaning up. On this occasion, I came across some very old photos :). As a child, I was lucky to have a family in the countryside. I went on vacation to my aunt who loved me deeply. She was so kind.
Walks to the plum orchard, pears straight from the tree, vegetables from the vegetable garden and ... eggs straight from the hens :))). I still remember the taste of these eggs.

I have beautiful memories of these times so when I saw the collection of Russian papers Bee Shabby "My Gardening" seemed to be perfect to create this LO. There is a lot of elements to cut in this paper set. I've added flowers from Iranian foamiran to the composition and ... I'm happy with the final result :)

In my work I've used:


What are your best memories?

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