Monday, 15 August 2022

Adventure Awaits - pop up expoding box

I love making exploding boxes and finding something a little bit different to go in the center and I think I have come up with that for today's make using the Robots Adventure papers - I used the 12 x 12, 8 x 8 special extras and junk journal extra sets for my imagery and of course the fabulous Magic Glue to adhere everything in place.

I started by making my base using a piece of 12" x 12" card scored at 4" and 8" on both sides and then cut out the corner elements to leave a cross shape. The panels were then covered with papers from the collection cut as 10cm squares - each piece being distressed with the blade of a pair of scissors before adhering in place. through out the piece I added vintage photo distress oxide ink. On the outside paenls I then added a 9.5cm distressed square of paper and fussy cut imagery.

For the pop up mechanisms I utilised the two side panels and the hinge that joins them to the center of the box. For one of the 4 pop up pieces I cut a 2cm strip of card 15cm long and scored it at 1cm along the short side and then in half along the long side before cutting a wedge out of one side of the strip around the central score and going up to the central score line - the size of the wedge determines how angled this piece of card will sit on the card as you aline the two cut edges of the wedge to the fold on the base of the book. 

I created 3 more pieces using card 2 cm by 10cm scored at 1cm and then at 2.5cm from one end, 2cm by 14cm scored at 1cm and then at 1ocm and the final one was 2 x 15cm scored at 1cm and then at 7.5cm. Once these pieces were prepared I then covered then with strips of decorative papers.

The strips of paper were adhered in place - two to each side of the box and then fussy cut bots and cars addd to thef ront and the bakc of the strops. Adhereing these strips in place is not difficult; you need to align the short folded line to the score line of the box and then add glue to the back half of the long srtip up to the angle on one side only and then press this in place. To adhere the second half of the strip you now add glue to the other half and then fold the piece back over the first one leaving the glued flap exposed and then close the box side onto the central panel and let the glue grab before opening. When doing this it is important to make sure that the images are chosen so that then stay within the box side when the box is closed which means using the smaller images on the front strips. I added some extra images then to the fronts of the panels for added interest. The pictures below show the strips in place when viewed from above.


On the back panel I created a trifold card with a piece of card which was 9cm wide and 26.5cm long scored at 9 and 18cm - the smaller flap should sit to the right as you are looking at it and folds in first. The insdie panels were covered with papers and tow more pop up strips added one was 2cm by 10 cm scored at 1cm and 5cm, th esecond was 2cm by 7cm scored at 2cm. These were then covered as before. I then took a piece of Shabby Ribbon 054 and adhered it to the back of the central panel and the front of the left hand panel  so that I had a ribbon closure for this book before adding panels of paper to the remaining exposed sides of the tri fold. The completed trifold was then adhered in place. 

For the remaining panel I cut a strip of paper 4cm by 10cm and adhered it in place on the two short sides only creating a belly band into which I tucked tickets from the junk journal extras set before adding more fussy cut elements to decorate the band.

The lid of the box was created by cutting a 61/8" square of card and scoring it on all sides at 1". This gives w small squares at the corners which I cut into to create flaps which then secure the sides of the lid toghether. The lid inside and out was then covered with more pieces of paper.  The lid was then decorated with a piece of dyed cheescloth and elements form the paper collection using left over cardbloard pieces to add depth and dimension. Keeping to the bots theme I then added some metal gears. Finally I added a chipboard die cut quote from inscriptions 04 before adding a piece of my shabby ribbon around the box lid edges.

I hope you like this varriation and have a try at making it.

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