Monday 16 January 2023

Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul - mdf window

This week I decided I would make a shabby chic style piece for my blog project. I have used the Narrow Window MDF kit for the base of my project. This is easy to construct as the packaging details a youtube film of construction which I can highly recommend. Once constructed I painted the base with a pale pink let it dry before adding some candle wax to areas before painting with a vintage beige colour over the top. The candle wax allows you to rub back the vintage beige revealing patches of the pink underneath - its a super easy technqiue that helps give a shabby look to the piece. I prefer to use chalk colours to do this with -so my suggestions from the ones in the shop are the rosebud for the base colour and sand for the top layer. Once dry I then dry bushed everything with a white chalk paint.

Having preped the base piece I then set about my composition - the inside of the windows is a lot bigger than a 12 x 12 piece of paper and so I knew that some creative cutting and layering was going to be required to give a seamless result. I selected the Cyne Nior 12 x 12 with shabby ribbons set for my make adding in elements from the 8 x 8 pack so that I had size varriation in my fussy cut elements.

I started by selecting the base piece for the top right hand corner and then cut elements from several other pages to fill in the gaps. The whole piece of paper was adhered flat and then the additional pieces layered with cardboard pices to give dimension and fill the space effectively.

Once my background collage had been completed I then added more elements from the papers tucking them behind,  on and infront of the back gound pieces. For added interest I added some peach twigs and leaves from the greenery section of the website along with lots of fussy cut floral elements from the paper pack, a ballerina and the beautiful violin element. Next I added in some pinky peach flowers that co-ordinated with the papers - there are lots to choose from on the website as the ones I used are no longer in stock. Then I added in some pieces of lilac twigs and lilac decor chipboards breaking the pieces up to create lots of pieces to tuck in to the make.


I knew that I wanted to decorate the shutters of th ewindow and for the inside worked with the topper pieces from the 12 x 12 papers, layering fussy cut elements and chipboards in place.

From the outside you can see through the shutters and this looked a little messy and therefore I added more decorative elements this time using the topper panels from the 8 x 8 collection with more fussy cut elements, decorative twigs and chipboard pieces.

Finally I used some watered down white chalk paint and gave everything a little bit of white splatter so that the layers appeared cohesive.

I do hope you like my make this week and are tempted to try a shadow box make in the near future. Please stay safe and enjoy your crafting.

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