Thursday 10 August 2023

Magic Forest

For this blog project I have worked with the Winter Forest Book Nook kit. When ever I make these up I go into google translate and convert the engraved Polish words to English so I know what each piece is for. 

In addition there is a step by step video tutorial which can be found here: 

which it is advised you watch first. Of course I used magic glue to adhere everything in place.

Through out the project I used Magic Forest 12 x 12 papers and also a pack of the ephemera die cuts - I really like the later as they are not as chunky as traditional greyboard die cuts but are thicker and there fore more substantial than just fussy cutting images out from the papers.

When ever I make this type of project I, I have a dry run of construction and then take it apart and decorate as I go. To help with this process I took a series of photographs:

Dry run

Paper added to one side and back panel

The back panel has holes ot pass strings of lights through - I used three for this set and fed them through the bottom holes and left them unattatched.but coming out though the gap in the floor

Then I placed the floor and steps in place having covered the pieces with paper.

Next I took the lights and ran one set up each of the backs of the lanterns, bunching some togehter to form a ball to light the lantern and then took the light string back down the lantern before then running the rest of the string across to the opposite side then along the floor and then to the back of the book nook/ I used one set for each of the lanterns and then the thrid set I used to add more lights around the back.

Before going further I then added the elements that are on the right hand panel as you look at it - simply colouring the mdf trees and lanterns with distress inks. At this stage I also added the lady ephemera piece to the front of one of the lamps and other elements to further enhance the piece. I added moss to the floor for further details and to cover the string of the lights. Having go most of the pieces in place I then added paper to the remaining wall and adhered that in place leaving the top open to add the remaining trees and decorative elements. 

I decorated the inside of the top piece before adhereing in place and then decorated the outside top.

I addde paper and ephemera to the side panels.

The back of the nook has a space for the batteries - I papered the back and then used hook and loop strips to attatch my battery packs inplace meaning that I can remove then to change the batteries as needed. Then I added the remaining panel covered with paper and ephemera.

Though this may not use masses of products it is quite a lengthy project to make and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed creating it. I think it would also look lovely dressed as a winter forest too.

Lit up I think it is so worth putting the three sets of lights in as it really does look quite ethereal and as though you have stumbled across a house hidden in the forest and protected by its griffins. 

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