Saturday, 9 February 2019

Kalla lily tutorial

Hello everyone!
Today I have prepared a tutorial for kala lily of foamiran. Ideally suited for cards, albums , scrapbooking . Especially for weddings projects.

"Lady E Design Dies Leaves 001"
Wire for flowers
Paper sellotape
Florist tape
Semolina or powder for pollen grain
Ironing tool

Preparing the petals:
Cut the petals using lady E Design Dies Leaves 001 (Pic1)
Colour in at the base with oil or dry pastel. Use any colour of your preference (Pic 2). Warm the iron (Pic3) and  press each petal between our fingers until foamiran is thinner (Pic 4)
Мake sure that when we unfold carefully we don’t have holes on our petals (Pic5).

At the peaky end of each petal turn on the other side and then fold the edge of the petal (Pic6)

Kala lily stamen:
Cut flower wire with the required length, and wrap the yellow part in paper sellotape. The length is roughly ½ of that of the petal. Wrap in green flower sellotape the bottom (longer) part of the pedicel  (pic7). The yellow part we dip in glue and then is semolina (Pic8-9).

Putting it all together:
Apply glue or hot silicone only on the place of the pedicel where the green flower sellotape and the yellow filament touch. Carefully attach the petal at its base. Fold the right bottom part of the petal and attach on the pedicel (pic10). On the top of it we attach the bottom left part and our flower is ready.



  1. Love the look! Will try this soon. Thanks for sharing.

    1. They look amazing!!! Share with us your foamiran flowers on FB page I like 14 craft bar