Friday 22 March 2019

The crocuses

As a child I knew that spring was on its way when the crocuses planted in my parent’s garden came into bloom – their bright colour set against the dark earth bringing colour to the bland winter garden colours so I decided that I would make a little basket of these beautiful flowers.

 I began by making up my basket using the small chipboard basket coloured with brown distress oxides and filled with dimensional glue topped with moss.

I made my crocuses using  dark purple and purple foamiran  coloured with soft pastels to give some colour variation.

 I gathered 3 or 4 stamens and folded them in half around a piece of wire before adding floristy tape to secure them in a tight bunch. The petals cut as show above were heated to form cup shapes and then the wired stamens puched through the petal cluster to create the flower. Florist tape was then used to cover the white part of the stamens and create a bulb affect as seen on real plants and also to give some thickness to the wire stem. Leaves were cut from dark green foamiran  shaped using the heat of an iron and gentle pulled into the folded/curved shape that is typical of this plant.

Once assembled the flowers were pushed into the dimensional glue in the basket before a coloured resin rabbit was added as the final embellishment.

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