Monday 10 June 2019

Decorated can

Hello, Danfi is here :)
That's my passion to give a second life to objects that others would throw away.
Today I would like to show you what I did with a paper box of California plums.
Before I started decorating, I had to paint the center of the box to fit the whole. I used a white gesso, lavender mist, and pastes
Cadence "Shabby Chic" 150ml in green (sage) and coral (light coral). At the end, I fixed everything with varnish
To decoration, I used 2 scrapbooking papers in shades of delicate purple, green and beige (UHK GALLERY - Provance - Scenes and UHK GALLERY - Provance - Le Mur.

I also added a cotton lace and half-pearls.

However, the true decoration is the flowers made by me from foamiran: roses and two and three-layered four-petal flowers, which I made while creating the course that you already had the opportunity to see during my previous inspiration here.

It's great, how you can use some common things to prepare something beautiful.
In my work I've used:



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