Monday, 4 July 2022

A "little" kitchen

I have deliberately placed the word "little" in speech marks in the title because this piece is actually really quite lare measuring approximately 12" in all dimensions makign it really quite difficult to photograph. By leaving the furniture free and/or selecting other mdf furtniture kits you could have an interactive dolls house with different scenes - including living rooms and bedrooms. Imagine what fun your children/grandchildren would have playing with it. I did raid my stash of minature dolls house accessories for some of the pieces but there are lots of pieces from 14 Craft Bar as well.

The starting point for this project was the large room mdf piece. I painted the window elements and shutters with Butter matte paint. Having done that I coved the outside surface of the side panels with Primroses papers - as tthere are 3 sides and only two matching papers in each pack you will need two packs to make yours like mine. I then cutout the gaps for the window and slotted the outside elements of the window shutters in place.

I then assembled the inside elements of the room before wall papering the walls by adding 1" strips of paper and shapping them to fit around the elements just as you would if you were decorating your own home. I covered the floor with seperate papers so that the two levels looked slightly different.

 To fill the room with furniture I chose a kitchen with living room theme and assembled each piece then painted it with more of the butter paint. The book case was made using the plywood shelf kit

 The table from plywood round table  and chair was made from upright chair kit. I decorated the table with a little lace that was tucked in my parcel from Agnieszka - heart applique.


The cooker was made from another kit - 3d cooker.

The sink has two cute washing up areas and little cupboards underneath.

Finally no kitchen is complete without a fridge although I have filled mine with tins and packets of food making it into a kitchen cupboard instead.

To decorate the walls of the room I placed small frames over paper elements and then secured them inplace. There are a number of small resin frame moulds in the shop you can choose from - bohemian decor frame, oval heart frame, small oval frame and the  roccoco frame being just some examples.

I then added lots of miniature dollshouse accessories filling the pots with faux greenery fronm the leaves and twigs section of the webshop.

I had a lot of fun creating this piece and although I don't have any young grandchildren at the moment I am sure that they will arrive at some stage and then I can watch them playing make believe with this set. Stay safe and enjoy your family as much as you can making precious memories.

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