Monday 11 July 2022


 The starting point for this project was the large bookworm mdf kit to which I have added a folio made from scratch. The papers I chose for this project are The Muse - inaddition to the A4 pad I also used a 12 x 12 pack however the A4 pack also has background papers in it but you will need two packs to create the project.

I started by assemblying the bookworm book draw mdf kit. Below is a photographic step by step and of course I used magic glue to adhere everything in place

 The sides of the book were decorated with Beige matte paint and I used a stiff brush to give lines in the paint as it dried which I then highlighted with Umber antique paste The top bottom and sides of the box were then covered with papers from the paper pack and the edges of the box coated with pure gold colour gold paste. I fussy cut the letters notes from the pack adhered them in place and added glossy accents over the top.

For the front of the book draw I added paper elements placing a layered lilac circle frame that was distressed with vintage photo distress oxide as I did so.

For the folio which is housed in the box I custom made my base. The sizes and photographic step by step for the cover are shown below. I have used a fabric tape for the hinges as this gives the book strength and flexibility and I used hinge spacers to ensure that the top and bottom of the space was equal.

Once the cover was made I then made interactive pages to sit on both the inside front cover and inside back cover. Securing both sets of the pages closed by adhering shabby ribbon colour 142 and 017 behind the panel being adhered to the cover so that it wraps around to the front where it is secured with patterned papers.

The right hand panel is made up of a trifold piece of card 14.5cm tall and scored at 9cm intervals - the last piece was then folded over and adhered on three sides to give a pocket and reinforce the edge that was going to take a lot of handling. The panel on the right was then trimmed by 0.5cm along its long edge making it easier to close the pages up.

The ribbon secured on the back of the central panel was wrapped around the left side panel and then covered with papers. A 6.5cm piece of black card was added to create an pocket and then tags, paper elements and cut ephemera added to decorate.

When the front panel is opened the pocket is revealed and I filled it with more tags and paper elements. The third panel is seen folded over the central panel and has a pocket similar to the front of the "page"

When the right hand panel is opened it reveals a nother pocket page and also a waterfall  of pages  which were created by cutting panels of black card stock 7.5cm wide and 8.5cm tall scored at 1cm to give a flap to glue down. the panels were then covered with more of the beautiful papers.

For the left hand "page" I cut an identical piece of card to the first panel - this time I positioned the fold over narrow pocket to the right side as this was the side that was going to be used for opening/closing and then added a fourth panel to the left side by cutting a piece of card the same height but 11m wide scoring it at 9cm so that I had a 2cm flap to adhere it to the first piece. As you look at the pages the second one from the right is adhered to the back panel with ribbon behind it.

As you open the first panel the inside is covered with more paper elements and tags/paper from the pack. The opposite page then opens to the right to reveal the pages shown below.

 When these two pages are opened to the left th einside pages are seen with circular elemtns from the paper pack adhered to create little flaps.

 The cover of the book was then edges with the gold wax used earlier.

I will be honest the book is a tight fit in the bookworm base not helped by the very snug fit of the draw element into its outside cover - the addition of transparent wax along the edges that slide together helps the book draw open smoothly just as you would if you had a sticking draw in your own home.

My book draw can now stand on my shelf with its book safely tucked inside - just perfect for things you might just want to keep private. I hope this has been helpful for you and hope that you stay safe and well over the coming week and beyond.

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