Tuesday 21 July 2020

Lollipop Day - 20th July

Yesterday we celebrated Lollipop Day. 

"Lollipops, a sweet concoction of sugar and flavoring, has existed since the times of Ancient Egypt. Lollipops, although not called that at the time, have been used not only as a sweet dessert but also as a way to distribute medicine to kids.
Nowadays, people enjoy lollipops whenever they have a sweet tooth coming on, so why not make a holiday about it! Lollipop Day celebrates the invention of the lollipop, how it brightens every childhood and makes everyone happy! "
For this occasion I made very popular lollipop/rosette/wand card in very bright colors. I used here Happy Birthday collection by P13. I also made a card in oval shape. It will be great gift to some lovely girl.

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