Thursday, 4 March 2021

My first Junk Journal page

 Do you know that we have new category in our shop - JournalingYou can find there lots of items which are helpful to make junk journal.

But what junk journal is?

I must admit I thought that junk journal it's completely not my cup of tea. You know me and you know my style. I like clean projects. But I love the idea of journaling so I decided to give a shot. Today I'm showing you my first ever journal page in my first journal... cause I have 2 at the moment... I liked it so much! 

This journal is all about words... I'm not a fan of writing so in this journal as a focus point I use words which reminds me about some memories or feelings. It supposed to be in vintage style but I love colors so I couldn't stop myself and I added lots of colorful elements.

There will be lots of info about junk journal on our FB group I like 14 craft Bar.

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