Tuesday 14 September 2021

First Communion - handmade gift ideas

This year, the communion season has been postponed several months. The time of the pandemic still surprises us and it is very difficult to plan anything. For many of you, crafters, who makes invitations and communion gifts for years, it is not a help, but let's look at it from the positive side! We will not be able to make the invitations, but we can be ready with specific gifts for our children.

Our girls from DT made few gift ideas to inspire you and help you to try something a little bit different then communion card.  


Let's start with something simply but very versatile. Foamiran flowers. They are one of the most important element of communion card. They can be part of headband or hair clip.


First Communion cards are very popular. You can make them in so many different shapes. They can be flat, simply but also very dimensional and full of flowers or chipboards. 


If you card is very dimensional it is worth taking care of it and trying to get a box which keeps your card safe.

In our shop you can find boxes for cards in deifferent shapes and different also colors.


Recently exploding box is also very popular communion gift. Exploding box is a box that, after opening, is divided into 4 walls. Every wall can be decorated, we can add the wishes, photos, pictures... whatever you want on the walls also a pocket for money as a gift.

You don't have to make them by yourself anymore. Exploding boxes are available in our shop, they are made out of 300gsm paper and they are in different colors.


Very often you choose the 3d chipboards for the center of the box. 


If you want to give something very special but as a typical First Communion keepsake, great idea is a decor book. It is box in the shape of book, you can open it and make very intresting and dimensional inside.

And finally a gift that requires a lot of work but is a souvenir that will stay forever and after many years is an invaluable memory of these beautiful moment. First Communion photo album. I always try to leave as much as possible place for photos but I must admit that with the slection of chipboards, dies, die cutts, elements to cut and other various embellishments it is very hard to keep balance.

If you want to say thank you to your guests for coming with some sweets or the angel made out of air dry clay, the best choice will be mini box, which makes guests happy and will be great decorations of the table.

I wish you happy crafting and I hope whatever you make it will put the smile on the face of the recipients. I believe in your extraordinary creativity and if you want to share your projects with us, please do it on our Facebook group I like 14 Craft Bar.

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